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Holistic Design | The Design of Wellbeing

I will meet with you in your space to talk about your lifestyle and wellness that can be improved through interior design: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual. All of these dimensions of wellness can be affected positively within the home.

Here’s where I identify the elements that focuses on uses of various healing modalities with the intent of balancing the mind, body and soul to maintain homeostasis. 

This will help you find balance in your life and your space. 

I will execute against the plan and manage every detail of your project. My goal is to have you live in spaces that support you; not just from a functional and visually appealing way, but a space that can also support your spiritual journey.

 Holistic Design considers and creates for the whole person {mind, body, spirit}, rather than space’s form and function alone.
I design holistically in that I create designs for spaces and for the people that inhabit them. I do not create spaces for products. When I sit down to draw a kitchen, I do not consult a catalog of parts first. I do the design to meet your needs, then find or create the product that will meet the design. When I draw a furniture layout, I do not browse retail stores to find pieces. I determine what the most functional layout is for your needs, then find or create the pieces to fit those needs.

When I select colors for your entry, I am influenced by what is in your living room. I'm influenced by your home exterior,  by your passions, and your tastes. I'm not just selecting a color based on the adjacent floor or trim. I put a lot of thought into every decision, and it's not unusual to see me spread out colors, finishes, and images all round me so that I can spot the best selection for your space. This is why I don't make decisions instantly in your home. Because everyone deserves to live, work or play in a healthy and beautiful environment!